What exactly is estate planning? Simply put, it's the means by which you protect and provide for your family and others close to you. Estate planning is similar to a blueprint of your financial goals, both before and after death. Your estate plan—or lack of it—can affect the way you live, especially in retirement years. And, it can make a real difference in the future welfare of your spouse, children, and others you care about.

Estate planning is an ongoing process, much like financial or tax planning. As your life changes - the people in your life, the assets you accumulate, the tax laws, and your goals for your loved ones - so too must your estate plan change. We seek to form a lasting relationship with you and your family in this on-going process – a relationship built on communication, loyalty, confidence, and expertise. We strive to be your “family attorney” in the old-time sense of the phrase – an attorney to whom you and your family members can turn for sound, personalized advice, without compromise of confidences and loyalties.

Estate planning is very much about transferring your assets to those you love in a manner that makes sense for you and your beneficiaries, with the least amount of tax and administrative hassle. We employ many different documents to achieve these goals, including:

•  Revocable “living” trusts
•  A-B trusts
•  QTIP trusts
•  Irrevocable life insurance trusts
•  Dynasty trusts
•  Special needs trusts
•  Qualified personal residence trusts
•  Charitable trusts
•  Powers of attorney
•  Advance Health Care Directive

Your estate plan is unique to you and your family. In planning your estate, and re-visiting the plan on a timely basis, we provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your plan is personalized, comprehensive, up to date, and efficient.

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